STEM School Celebrates National STEM Day with Design Challenge


Kettering OH, 11/7/2022 - On Tuesday, November 8th, the Dayton Regional STEM School is celebrating National STEM Day with a full-day and school-wide design challenge. All 750 students in grades 6-12 will forgo their regular classes and instead spend the day in mixed-grade teams, each working to address one of the following questions:

  • How can we mitigate the impact of geese on the STEM roof to improve its longevity?
  • How can we add to the North Field to make it a purposeful and useful space for all students?​
  • How can we design a moveable structure to safely cross the drainage basin?​
  • How can we design a piece of public art that represents our school culture?

Students will be immersed in the Design Thinking process, which is a pillar of our education model, as they work to create prototypes, drafts, and viable solutions that fit within budget limitations and design constraints. Final products and projects from the challenge will be displayed at Exhibition Night on December 8th, which is open to the public from 5pm-7pm.

"This process highlights our school goal to take chances by doing things differently to solve community issues," said Dr. Robin Fisher, Superintendent of the Dayton Regional STEM School. "I believe that after the National STEM Day Design Challenge, our students will become better collaborators, more creative problem-solvers, persistent scientists, clearer communicators, and more inquisitive learners. Our motto at the STEM School is "The Real World Starts Here." I hope that students see the reality of this statement in their work."

Founded in 2009, the Dayton Regional STEM School is a public independent STEM school located in Kettering, Ohio. The school serves students in grades 6-12, with a total enrollment of 750 from 8 counties and 35 districts across the region. Students engage in innovative STEM programming, project-based learning, career exploration, and real-world problem-solving with the help of industry professionals from the Dayton community and beyond.

The Real World Starts Here.

Stephanie Adams Taylor
Director of Strategic Partnerships