Progress Book is used by teachers, parents, and students to monitor grades, missing assignments, and progress throughout the year. Parents and students have separate log in information. 

All returning STEM students /parents will use their existing account information. If you need a password reset, please contact

All NEW students and parents should follow the directions below:
  1. Be sure to have the following registration keys, provided by the school at the beginning of the year:
  2. Sign up at
  3. On the District Page, select the Dayton Regional STEM School
  4. On the Progress Book Sign In page, click SIGN UP
  5. Select the type of account you'd like to create:
    • Add another student to your parent account
    • New parent account
    • New student account
  6. Based on your choice, follow the prompts to complete your account. For student registration, repeat step 4 and 5. If you have an existing parent account and would like to add your new-to-STEM student, please repeat step 4 and 5 - choosing LINK STUDENT.
  7. When the account confirmation message displays, you can sign in to Progress Book.