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COVID REPORTING FORM - Use this form to report positive cases and exposures for student and staff. You will receive a response from the clinic within 1 business day.​

Local Use of Funds Plan ARP/ESSER III - Updated 12/21/21
CLICK HERE to view the Dayton Regional STEM School's plan for the allocation of ARP / ESSER III funds.

CURRENT MASK POLICY - Updated 3/1/22
As of March 2nd, 2022, the Dayton Regional STEM School will be MASK OPTIONAL on campus, with some classrooms required based on identified increased risks. CLICK HERE to read full details of this announcement.

2021-22 Safe Restart Plan - Updated 8/10/21
CLICK HERE to view the Dayton Regional STEM School's 2021-22 Safe Restart Plan.​

Safe Return to In-Person Instruction and Continuity of Service Plans - Updated 6/24/21​
CLICK HERE ​to view our goals for a safe reopen for the 2021-22 school year. A detailed plan is available above for families.

Clinic Contact Information

Natasha Day
Heath Services Coordinator

Positive Case or Exposure

If your child tests positive for or is exposed to COVID-19, please fill out the reporting form above or notify the school clinic at 937-256-3777 as soon as possible. If the case affects students in the building, those at risk of exposure will be notified with recommendations for isolation, according to current guidelines. School officials will use guidance from Public Health - Dayton & Montgomery County for all necessary precautions and follow-up.  

Please note that personal information is protected under HIPAA and FERPA laws. The Dayton Regional STEM School will not release the names or information of students or staff members who may test positive or report exposure.  

This is a reminder that we need to continue to be vigilant in our self-assessment each day, both in and out of school. Additionally, wearing a mask at all possible opportunities and proper social distancing are other key components of mitigating the chances of contracting and spreading COVID-19. If symptoms arise, please contact the school and your healthcare provider for follow-up, but do not report to the school building.  

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