STEM Community

Dear STEM Supporters,
If I had to describe the The Dayton Regional STEM School in one word, it would be "COMMUNITY". This school was built by and for the incredibly collaborative and innovative community of Dayton, whose members have shown generous support to our students and staff since day one. We would not be where we are today without this steadfast support.

From our academic programs and career pathways, including engineering, healthcare, and computer science, to our authentic projects and industry partner connections, the STEM School is a true reflection of the Dayton region. We are continuously surveying our stakeholders to ensure our students are taught the right technical skills and professional competencies to be successful when they graduate. During their time at the STEM School, we work to expose all students to our vibrant community and the countless opportunities available right in their backyards, which we hope will inspire them to make Dayton their forever home. 

Whether you're a brand new partner or a veteran supporter, we invite you to explore all the exciting ways that you can make an impact at the Dayton Regional STEM School. From volunteer and mentorship opportunities to signature events and sponsorships, you are investing in your future Dayton workforce and the next generation of innovators. Just follow the left menu to get started!

Stephanie Adams Taylor
Director of Strategic Partnerships